Orange Dot is a private equity firm founded by Matt Jung, an experienced, successful, and passionate entrepreneur and business leader.

The firm is shaped by Matt’s Core Values to:

  • Dream Big
  • Take Action
  • Make a Difference

Matt believes in BIG dreams. And not just some, but ALL kinds of big dreams: the bigger, the better. But, there is an important distinction here: dreams need action. Dreams without action are called fantasies, and quite frankly, fantasies are a waste of time.

Matt gets up every day to turn dreams, no matter how big, into reality through massive action. It is through these huge, ambitious actions that one is able to truly make a difference in business and the world around us. 

Matt’s business story began with Comfort Research, a company he co-founded with his friend and business partner, Chip George, in 1996 while attending Hope College in Holland, MI. Comfort Research was founded to manufacture and distribute the duo’s awesome product idea: the FUF Chair. A giant, foam-filled bean bag chair offering incredible comfort and value.

Fast forward many years later and Comfort Research has expanded in multiple product directions including bean bag chairs, pool floats, and outdoor furniture. It has sold more than 30 million units and created more than $1B in retail sales while executing two acquisitions along the way. To learn more about Comfort Research’s history, visit the company’s website here.

Orange Dot is named as such for three specific reasons:

  1. Orange is the primary branding color of Comfort Research: naming this new firm Orange Dot keeps Matt connected to his roots
  2. The color orange represents innovation, energy, and value in the mind of consumers, and are all things that Matt values
  3. Orange is the color of the sun: that big dot up in the sky that fuels all of life; just like the sun, Matt’s Orange Dot is the fuel for growing businesses


Orange Dot leverages everything Matt learned over the last 25 years as a successful entrepreneur by acquiring direct-to-consumer products companies that are making durable goods.  Matt has fulfilled many of his own entrepreneurial dreams and now is looking to apply all that he has learned to new ventures.

Orange Dot Dreams Big, Takes Action, and Makes a Difference.  And Matt hopes you do too!