Scalable Consumer Products Companies​

Orange Dot Ventures seeks scalable branded DTC consumer products companies with proprietary products.  Having IP is nice but not necessary.  No brick-and-mortar retailers, resellers, distributors, custom, or licensed products. 

Revenue Range:  $3 – $10M
EBITDA/Cash Flow Range:  15%+ EBITDA
Manufacturing:  Outsourced domestic or international
Geography:  United States

Management Situations: 
ODV is looking for management to be in place or to be able to put a team in place to manage the day-to-day activities of the target company.

Ownership Situations:
ODV seeks majority purchase/control.  ODV is open to some owners to stay on as employees/consultants, have minority share, or both.

Gross margins must be 65%+ when selling D2C and 50%+ wholesale. EBITDA should be 15%+.  ODV is interested in businesses that have demonstrated a growth trend. 

ODV is a fundless sponsor.

More About Matt

  • Scaled founding business from zero to $130M+
  • Major Retail Experience with Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and more!
  • Social Media
  • Scaled DTC business for ( Comfort Research doubling it each of the last 3 years, launching a second DTC website for Comfort Research, and involved in several others that are scaling rapidly
  • Large scale international sourcing and domestic manufacturing/distribution experience